Nomad Inception is a boutique specializing in fine architectural products inspired in Islamic art; a company led by an international team of designers, artists, scientists and technologists that share the passion for Islamic geometric design and floral arabesques.

We also run a highly specialized design consultancy helping architects and designers implement these iconic features of Islamic architecture and Islamic decorative art in modern architectural projects. Our vision and aim is to elevate this age-old art form, using computational design and modern fabrication technology to breathe life into an artistic expression that had remained unchanged for centuries.

Luxury Arabic Parquet Hardwood Floors

Nomad Inception parquet floors combine the luxury of the finest precious hardwoods with the Molina brothers' unique ability to produce the most sophisticated Islamic patterns. Our floors are the sublime result of the careful combination of modern fabrication technologies and traditional craftsmanship.

Geometric design
Interlaced design
Floral arabesques
Combined design

Learn more about our luxury parquet floors.

Islamic design consultancy for interior design and architectural firms

We have set up a design consultancy aimed at interior design and exterior design firms worldwide to help them implement Islamic architectural and decorative elements with our state-of-the-art technology. See Our Services menu to learn how we can help your company stand out from the competition by articulating unique decorative elements into your Islamic inspired projects in highly innovative ways.

Integral Islamic architectural service for developers and individuals

We team up with architectural studios worldwide to provide integral services to developers and individuals at a smaller scale. With our help, your preferred local architecture studio will be able to tackle an Islamic inspired renovation or a full-on Islamic themed project. We specialize in many Islamic styles and periods, including Moroccan architecture or Islamic architecture and Islamic decoration as a whole.

Geometric design
Islamic patterns

Islamic geometric patterns relate to the crystallographic mineral domain in nature. A number of polygons are tessellated forming motifs that use symmetry to cover an ideally infinite surface.

We create original designs several orders of magnitude larger than the ones possible until now, respecting every rule of the age-old art form, without repeating patterns.

Interlaced design
Interlace Embellishments

Interlaces are infinite lines that run along the sides of each shape of the motif abiding by one particular rule: each line must travel alternately above and below each line crossed, adding an even greater degree of complexity.

We can add this and other traditional embellishments to each and every one of our designs, instead of only to smaller ones, as is currently offered in the artisanal industry.

Floral arabesques
Floral Arabesques

They are an idealized vision of the vegetal realm in nature, showing vines, leafs and floral motifs that not necessarily resemble their natural equivalents. There are a number of styles and techniques and the legacy of ancient artisans and craftsmen is vast.

We create designs inspired in styles originating in different periods and places.

Combined design
Combined Motifs

The richest and most colorful designs are the ones involving a crossover of Islamic geometric design and floral arabesques. They can be combined in several ways, and even on interlaced designs.

We design combined motifs with the same qualities as we do geometric and floral designs.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.–Leonardo Da Vinci

All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.–Frank Lloyd Wright

Arab architect or Islamic design expert?

If you are searching for Islamic or Arab architects to work in an Islamic inspired architectural project, we can help. Nomad Inception specializes in Islamic interior and exterior design, and teams up with both occidental and Arabic architecture studios worldwide to provide a convenient service for clients looking for a comprehensive solution. We will find the right Islamic architect or partner with a local architecture studio near your location to provide you with an unmatched service, anywhere in the world.

Moroccan Architecture and Decoration Services

If you are seeking professional help to design and build a Moroccan inspired architectural project, be it a riad, a restaurant, a hotel or your private home or villa renovation, we can help. We can create either a subtle Maghrebi atmosphere or give a full-on iconic Moroccan character to both interiors and exteriors. We have developed proprietary technological tools to design and implement Moroccan style decorations without recurring to artisans, allowing us to provide design, construction and renovation services everywhere in the world.

Islamic geometric design in architecture

An overview on the evolution of Islamic patterns, our understanding of the geometry behind them, the ways they have been used in traditional Islamic architecture along the centuries and the expected evolution of the art form in our tech-oriented times. The artistic wealth of the decorative styles seen in the Maghreb, the Middle East and the Muslim world in general, has always captivated people through the extravagance, complexity and exuberant detail of the two genres that stand out: Islamic geometric design and floral arabesques.

Islamic decor in modern Arabic themed projects

Islamic decoration without craftsmen: a solution that enables the creation of an Arab theme by incorporating Islamic geometric designs and floral arabesques where no craftsmanship traditions exist. We have developed a production-oriented solution that allows us to create Arabic decorative pieces based on Islamic geometric designs and floral arabesques anywhere in the world, in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by traditional means. Our consultancy offers a complete solution to empower architectural and interior design firms' existing competency for projects with an Islamic inspiration.

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